I am truly excited to share these upcoming events. After spending years working on my craft and developing new designs, these are highlights to celebrate that journey.  I hope to share them with you!


ARTZ & GARDENZ Tour 2019

3rd Annual Mother's Day Weekend tour of artists studios & Gardens May 11th-12th 10-5pm

Enjoy the warm hospitality and contagious creativity of local artists, growers and gardeners from the Saugatuck/Douglas, Holland and Hamilton countryside. See behind the scenes in each artists studio and stroll through individual garden, including an underground home and lavender farm! I will be guest artist at stop #4 located at resident artist Cynthia McKean cMc design studio. 

real grace opening Season Showcase at koorey creations Dates to come

Koorey Creations is pleased to share the second year of our 3rd generation goldsmith Grace Koorey & her Real Grace collections. As usual we are delighted to share Grace’s renewed perception of Damian Koorey's  original designs paired with her innovative symbolic designs!

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