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lost wax casting...

After Grace Koorey hand carves a wax model, she incases it in a metal flask which is filled with a special high temp plaster. This plaster hardens around the wax model. It is heated in a high temp oven melting away the wax and leaving the shape of the design. The gold is then fired to it's molten state and poured into the opening.

As a child I would find myself mesmerized as my father worked with the liquid glowing gold, it was like magic to me. Ever since then, I have been hooked.


The precise methods I use to construct my pieces are more labor intensive than most other techniques. However, once done they are longer lasting with cleaner design lines.

What inspires you?

The great outdoors is always a source of inspiration for me. I am fascinated with trying to recreate the truths and feelings it evokes artistically...